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Thank you to Everyone who joined us for the 5th Annual Goosey Fund Golf Tournament

The past few days have been bittersweet and emotion filled. On Thursday, we attended a funeral for an amazing man who leaves behind an incredible family. Yesterday we had our 5th golf tournament for Lauren’s scholarship. What we learned from these two events is that when we choose to settle and raise our family on idyllic Cape Cod, we had no idea of the love, support and extended family we would acquire. As we were leaving the funeral, which was so heavily attended, especially by young adults who grew up together, one wise young man said to us “when we get THAT call, this is what we do, we rally together”. Well, truer words have never been spoken. As you see pictures from our golf tournament, please see the rallying we have witnessed on many occasions. We are blessed. We are grateful and we are overwhelmed.

The golf tournament is one of the most special days...thanks Emily for the great photos...lots of laughs and fond memories with friends and family. As was said so appropriately...”when the bell rings, we answer”. Amen. We’re truly blessed beyond words.